Poisoned Blade (Court of Fives Book 2)


Available in U.S. Hardcover.

The sequel to Kate Elliott’s Young Adult novel debut and the second book in the Court of Fives series:

“Now a Challenger, Jessamy is moving up the ranks of the Fives–the complex athletic contest favored by the lowliest Commoners and the loftiest Patrons alike. Pitted against far more formidable adversaries, success is Jes’s only option, as her prize money is essential to keeping her hidden family alive. She leaps at the chance to tour the countryside and face more competitors, but then a fatal attack on her traveling party puts Jes at the center of the war that Lord Kalliarkos–the prince she still loves–is fighting against their country’s enemies. With a sinister overlord watching her every move and Kal’s life on the line, Jes must now become more than a Fives champion…. She must become a warrior.”

Published August 2016.

Includes a postcard featuring cover art from The Very Best of Kate Elliott!

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